Why Do We Use Jim Murray, Inc. Pumps

In plumbing, one of the primary actions we’re tasked with is how to get water from one point to another. Sometimes that first point is simply the water grid and the second point, your home. Other times, you may be looking at a transfer between your basement floor and a removal tank.

Either way, while pipes and tubes may carry the water, the thing actually moving it is a water pump. Pumps are are our best friend when we’re working a plumbing job. So the same way an auto mechanic needs to find a good air compressor supplier, or a stylist needs to buy reputable scissors, we have to find the perfect pump.

How to find the best anything

So when we were looking for the best pump, we decided the questions we needed to ask were the same you ask almost anytime you buy something.

How long has the company been in business?
How easy is it to get ahold of service and support?
How much do the staff know about their product?

These three questions are great starting points for any major decision? You want to know your product is made by a reputable company and sold by knowledgeable staff that are willing and able to help.

Jim Murray, Inc. is the right company

Jim Murray, Inc. is a company that provides all of the above. The business has been around for 57 years and their staff has an average experience of 15+ years in the pumping business.

Additionally, their motto of “no problem” service isn’t just a marketing gimmick, it’s been our experience with them here at Keyes Plumbing. When you run a business, “no problem” is a foreign concept, however Jim Murray, Inc. delivers!

Their name carries a lot of weight for pumps, and we are proud to be a partner of theirs.

Jim Murray Pumps Graphic
Keyes installs a wide variety of Jim Murray, Inc. pumps. Contact us today to discuss upgrading yours!