Toilet museum

One picture from the Toto Japan museum

One picture from the Toto Japan museum

In the tank for its toilets, museum offers a tribute!

This museum opened this summer by the Toto toilet manufacturer to help mark the 100th anniversary of the company’s first Western-style toilet. Toto and Japanese competitors have gone on to develop some of the world’s most advanced bathroom technology. Some of these toilets are equipped with an array of high-tech features: heated seats, temperature and pressure controlled jet sprayers and dryers, sensor-activated flushing, seat covers that open and close automatically, air fresheners to cover uncomfortable odors and digital audio to mask those awkward noises.

The latest models can even analyze the chemical content of one’s deposits and automatically email the results to the family doctor. None of this comes cheap. A standard model costs $2,000 to $3,000. The most expensive units can reach as high as $10,000.

A toilet bowl used by General Douglas MacArthur, a modular bathroom created for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and a prototype warm-water spray device for cleansing those hard-to-reach places. The museum’s collection also includes facilities built for Buckingham Palace and the Japanese prime minister’s residence in the 1920’s as well high-tech innovations.