Residential Plumbing & Heating in Neenah WI

for the Fox Valley – Appleton, Neenah, Menasha and surrounding areas

Keyes covers just about every residential plumbing need there is, from bathroom faucets and showers to kitchen garbage disposals, water heaters, sump pumps and more. We like to say “if water runs through it, Keyes can repair it!”

Keyes is the Fox Valley’s residential plumbing expert. So if you’ve got a plumbing need or problem, call on Keyes with confidence.

For Residential Plumbing Services
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Leaky faucet? Tired of your outdated faucet? Whatever the issue, Keyes can fix it! We sell, install and repair just about any brand out there – even some no longer being made! We have the ability to locate parts for most any make and model, so don’t assume an older faucet needs to be replaced; we might be able to simply fix it.
Not getting hot water fast enough? Keyes can install recirculation lines so your boiler or water heater delivers hot water to your faucet faster – even if that boiler or water heater is a good distance away from the faucet.Keyes stocks the best quality faucets and fixtures on the market – those whose manufacturers stand behind them, whose warranties are good, and that are made of long-lasting materials – not the cheap plastic found in Big Box retailers’ inventory. Visit our showroom to take a look at these brands:

  • Delta
  • Kohler
  • Elkay
  • Insinkerator
  • American Standard

Keyes also does outside faucet installation and repair – have a broken or leaking outside faucet? Call us and we’ll get it working!

Need a part for your faucet? Handymen rely on Keyes Plumbing for parts and plumbing products, and if we don’t stock it, we can usually find it – we can even get repair parts for faucets that are more than 50 years old! If you’re not sure what you have, bring it into our showroom. Our staff can just take a look and know what part it takes – that’s how experienced they are!

Why buy from Keyes?

Because we stand behind everything you purchase from us. If you ever – ever – have an issue with a product that came from Keyes, we’ll go directly to the manufacturer and get it resolved. Here’s a quick Keyes story: in 2004, a customer bought a Delta handheld shower; in 2011, we replaced a part that kept breaking. In 2012, the customer still had a problem with it, so we talked to our Delta rep and they replaced the whole thing – free of charge, within a week. This is how Keyes does business, and it’s the way we stand up for our customers.


shower headSink and faucet in bathroom



Keyes installs any make and model of dishwasher, though we do not sell dishwashers. When you buy your new dishwasher locally, we’ll pick it up, discard the old one – at no extra charge – and install your new one.


Keyes sells, installs and repairs a wide variety of toilet brands. Stop by our showroom to see the latest styles and a variety of colors and dimensions. Or if you prefer, select your toilet at another location and we’ll take out the old and install the new!toilet bathroom appleton wi

Garbage Disposals

Keyes only sells Insinkerator, simply because they’re the best. These hard-working disposals have a proven track record of great performance and stand up longer than others on the market. Give us call to talk about the right type for your kitchen sink!

Sump Pumps

If you get water in your basement occasionally, it might be because your sump pump is working at peak performance.A sump pump’s lifespan can vary greatly, depending on your water table. If you have a high water table, your sump pump works harder and will wear out faster; if it’s low, the pump will have a longer life and few if any issues.

Keyes only sells Jim Murray brand sump pumps because they’re made better and last longer than others we’ve had experience with. They’re durable, reliable and made by a small family business in Watertown, Wisconsin.

Water Filters

No matter where you live, adding water filtration and purification to your kitchen will improve its taste – and your peace of mind!Keyes is proud to sell Aquapure and Cuno water filters, some of the best on the market today; we also install and repair other brands.

Other Plumbing Services

Here are a few of the other services our team provides to your neighbors in the Fox Valley, Appleton, Neenah and Menasha:

  • Gas piping installation and repair for clothes dryers, ranges/cooktops/ovens, and outdoor grills
  • Refrigerator water line installation and repair (for ice makers and water dispensers)
  • Reverse osmosis unit installation and repair
  • Installation and repair of inside water lines and outside water sources
  • Installation and repair of water heaters

Water Heaters

Keyes repairs any brand and style of water heater, but we sell only A. O. Smith – they’re the best water heaters you can buy, because:

  • These water heaters have 6-year tank warranties and 1-year on labor
  • Parts are readily available, so you save time and money if there’s an issue
  • The company has great tech support – if one of our technicians has a question while on site, he can call A. O. Smith and get the answer
  • A.O. Smith regularly trains our staff in the very latest technologies and methods
  • They’re made in the USA!

What do you get with a water heater installation from Keyes?

  • Free removal of your old water heater
  • All required permits secured and submitted
  • Tidiness and smiles!

How Soon Can You Get Here? We typically service water heaters the same day – because we know what an inconvenience it is to be without hot water!

Electric or Gas? Your choice of water heater depends on what you need and want. We can help you determine what’s best for your budget, your home, and your water consumption requirements.

My water heater just quit – do I need a new one? Not necessarily. When our guys go to a home or business to look at the water heater, they’ll tell you what makes more sense, cost-wise and performance-wise. We won’t replace the water heater unless that’s the right way to go…sometimes a quick fix is all you need!

Water heater causing you problems? Keep things hot – call Keyes!


When it comes to boilers, there’s nothing Keyes can’t do!We’ve been servicing and installing boilers since 1967. We service all, but sell only the following brands. Why? Because our technicians feel these are the best, most reliable boilers being made today:

  • Burnham
  • Crown
  • NTI
  • Triangle Tube

Our team is knowledgeable in both steam and hot water boilers and they regularly attend seminars to stay up-to-date on boiler controls and how to make them more efficient.

If you’re looking for a good heating system, we recommend installing boilers because of their radiant heat. Radiant heat costs more money upfront than forced air, but it’s a more efficient, cleaner and lower-allergen way to heat your home.

Why Codes Are Important

Keyes’ technicians are fully licensed and insured, and because we keep up with Wisconsin Uniform Plumbing codes, we protect your investment at every turn. You don’t want to use an uninsured plumber or handyman – the stakes are too great.Local and national codes were put in place for a reason: to protect homeowners and business owners from sub-par work and the costly repairs associated with it. Keyes meets or exceeds the requirements of every code relating to the work we do.